AMP2018 Speakers


You can get PDF with all speakers for the Conference - here

*Note: This is not final list of invited speakers

Prof. Dr. Erhan Budak

Professor at Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Sabanci University, Turkey; CIRP Fellow

Field of research: Machining processes and machine tools, intelligent manufacturing, process modelling, high performance machining, high precision manufacturing and machine dynamics

Prof. Dr. Numan Durakbasa

Professor and Head of the Department for “Interchangeable Manufacturing and Industrial Metrology” of the Institute for Production Engineering and Laser Technology and Head of “Precision Metrology Laboratory” at the Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Field of research: IInterchangeable manufacturing, precision engineering, precision metrology, geometrical product specification and verification - GPS, micro- and nanotechnology, co-ordinate metrology, quality management, environmental management, industrial metrology, measurement techniques, calibration, certification, assessment, inspection, standardization.

Prof. Dr. Dragan Djuricin

Professor at Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Field of research: Economies in transition, Privatisation, Strategic management and Project management.

Prof. Dr. Luigi Maria Galantucci

Professor in Technologies and Production Systems School of Engineering, Politecnico di Bari, Italy; CIRP Fellow

Field of research: 3D scanning and measurement of micro components, Rapid Prototyping, Reverse Engineering, Manufacturing Processes, Computer Aided Manufacturing, Process Planning, Feature Technology, Non Traditional Manufacturing (Laser Processing), Welding, Heat Treatment, Forming processes simulation, Manufacturing System Analysis and simulation, Biomechanics, Anthropometry.

Dr. Liviu Jalba

Microelectronica, Bucharest, Romania

Research Projects: ESA, Assembly House, project; Innovation Norway - GreenCare - LED & solar panel for greening the Industry; Structural Funds, LuminaLED, Research Lab LED and Material Science;  FP7 EC - SustainHub - Sustainability Data Exchange Hub; FP7 EC - FUNTEX - Functional electronics textiles for smart integration; TapFuture - Platform infrastructure for Near Field Communcation; FP7 EC - Light-Rolls - Production platform for the manufacture of LED; FP7 EC- HISVESTA - High Stability Vertical Separation Altimeter; FP6 EC - HASTAC - System for Transponders and Air data Computers; NATO SfP 974054 Project, Zirconia Nanomaterials for Sensors

Prof. Dr. Jerzy Jedrzejewski

Professor at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland; CIRP Fellow

Field of research: In the area of machine tools and manufacturing systems design and optimization, including diagnostics, supervising, errors compensation, modeling and virtualization, machine tools thermal behavior design and optimization, process planning and control.

Prof. Dr. Giovanni Moroni

Professor at Politecnico di Milano, Mechanical Engineering Department, Milano, Italy; CIRP Associate Member

Field of research: Geometrical Metrology and Reverse Modeling,  Manufacturing Geometrical Errors and Tolerance Design, Process Planning, Digital/Virtual Manufacturing.

Prof. Dr. Miroslav Trajanovic

Professor at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Nis, Serbia

Field of research: ICT in mechanical engineering, medicine and education. Expert for computer programming, CAD, finite element method and biomedical engineering.

Prof. Dr. Lihui Wang

Professor and Chair of Sustainable Manufacturing at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden; CIRP Fellow

Field of research: Cyber-Physical Systems, Cloud Manufacturing, Predictive Maintenance, Real-time Monitoring and Control, Human-Robot Collaboration, Adaptive and Sustainable Manufacturing Systems.